Sunday Nights at ECC consist of a variety of events, services, and times of fellowship aimed at experiencing life together and on mission in our community.

To find out about upcoming Sunday night events or services, visit our events page.

A2 Nights (Acts 2)

The early church not only devoted themselves to the Word but to fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer (Acts 2:42). On theses evenings, the pastoral staff and leadership will visit different church families and individuals to share a meal, pray, spend time together, and deepen our relationships with one another.

Stories & Songs

A service where we will worship together, hearing stories from our different community groups about what God has been doing in our lives and how the gospel of grace has been changing our communities. For more information on our community groups, click here.

Our City

A special service where we will invite city officials, teachers, business owners, non-profits, police officers, and others to come and share what they are doing for the city but also how faith communities can come alongside and partner with them in order that our city might flourish.

Prayer & Worship

Special services dedicated to corporate song, Scripture reading, and prayer. These nights will provide an opportunity to creatively respond, engage in fellowship, and reflect on the gospel. For a playlist songs you are likely to hear on these Sunday nights, check out our Sunday Songs page.

Shut-In Visitation

On these nights, families and individuals from the church, led by our pastoral staff and leadership, will go and worship with members of our church family who aren’t able to join us for our weekly gatherings. We will visit these saints in order to encourage, pray for, sing with, and minister the Word to them.

Team Nights

A Sunday night service designed to encourage and equip individuals to contribute to the ministry here at ECC. We may share a meal or listen to a teaching, but then our various ministry teams will meet together to provide both information for those interested in serving as well as training for our volunteers.

Summer of Fun

These nights during the summer months will be similar to a traditional community block party, where people can enjoy food, music, games in the field and playground, and other activities for the whole family. These will be great opportunities to invite and reach out to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Upcoming Events