Monthly Resource Roundup (July 2019)

Here is the monthly roundup of articles and resources from the web for July 2019.

Bible and Theology

How to Teach Your Kids to Study the Bible. Prepare them for the challenges of concerted study, but don’t expect them to suddenly become Bible scholars. Keep your expectations realistic and modest, and keep the long-term goal in focus—training your child to be a lifelong student of the Bible.

You’re a Theologian. Become a Good One. In one sense, all it takes to be a theologian is to have an opinion about God. That’s it. The moment you think or say anything about him or her or it or whatever “God” is to you, you’re doing theology. The real question, therefore, is not whether you are a theologian. It’s whether you are a good one.

Beware of a “Test the Fruit” Hermeneutic. This way of adjudicating doctrines is a poison pill. It removes authority from the word of God and gives the reader the authority to scrutinize the Bible’s truthfulness based on whether or not it hurts people’s feelings. This is no way to read the Bible. And it is no way to determine the truth about one of the most contested ethical questions of our time.

Do the Gospels Borrow from Pagan Myths? When these claims are compared carefully with the New Testament Gospels, the distinction between Jesus and the supposed pagan parallels becomes quite distinct.

Ethics and Culture

Do You Love Your Country? In Jesus’s terms, we will only love our nation in the way that matters most to God to the degree that we love our neighbor out of the overflow of our love for, our treasuring, our delight in God.

Would You Attend a Gay Wedding? Five reasons why the answer why the answer must be “No” to attending a so-called same-sex wedding ceremony.

Traditional Christians in America Post-Obergefell: Now What? So now what? Where do Christians go from here? How do we maintain faithfulness to the doctrine and practice of the faith “once delivered to the saints” in such an adversarial cultural context, especially when our means of provision seem to be threatened by indefinitely-deferred promotions, firings, suing, and social isolation?

US Women’s Soccer and Our Culture of “Tolerance”. It is ironic, really.  In a culture that so claims to value “tolerance,” Christians who refuse to publicly affirm the cultural gods are given none. But, the lesson from the early church is clear.  We will not be accepted as citizens of this earthly Kingdom.  

Church and Christian Living

How Do I Pursue a Discipling Relationship in My Church? Though most of us would acknowledge the importance of discipleship, we often struggle to find and pursue those relationships in our own lives.

Don’t Squander the Little Years. Six reasons not to climb into a mental time machine and pine for the future but rather climb out and re-enter the present, this ordinary and challenging day, with simplicity, gratitude, and contentment.

Why You Should Have That Difficult Conversation. Here are some reasons you should consider having that difficult conversation you’re avoiding, despite all the ways it could go wrong:

5 Questions to Ask When Your Child Professes Faith. Though we can never know beyond a shadow of a doubt if our child has actually trusted Christ, we can see evidence that points to a genuine conversion—even if it looks different from an adult one. Here are five questions we can ask as we attempt to discern a child’s conversion.

A summary of Martyn Lloyd-Jones' arguments against the innovative practice of having altar calls at the conclusion of a sermon.