Monthly Resource Roundup (June 2019)

Here is the monthly roundup of articles and resources from the web for June 2019.

Bible and Theology

Credo Magazine: Divine Aseity. Does God depend on you? Is he a needy God, one that relies on his creation not only for his existence but for his happiness and fulfillment? The instinct of many Christians is to answer yes to questions like these…But the scriptures paint a different picture of God. He looks to no one for life, for he is life in and of himself. As it turns out, God does not depend on us, but we depend on him, from the air we breathe to the everlasting life we need. In this issue, we will discover why God’s aseity is good news, and why we have no gospel without it.

Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story. If there is one Old Testament passage that the New Testament invites us to read in a Christ-centered way as a paradigm of Christ’s salvation, it’s the exodus.

The Most Epic Bible Study of All Time. Reading the Old Testament to find Jesus isn’t meant to be like playing “Where’s Waldo?”—looking behind every tree for a cross or every chair for a throne. We do, however, find both explicit teachings and also implicit themes that push us to know that something, or someone, greater must come to fulfill them. Jesus proved this true that day following his resurrection.

Ethics and Culture

You Can Hate Abortion and Love Women: What’s Under the Debate over Life. The abortion debate is not about a surgical procedure. It’s about a larger worldview question that demands an answer: Are the unborn members of the human family?

Quit Netflix – Issue #65. “The decision to quit watching Netflix and movies in my home remains one of the single best, and hardest, choices I have made as an adult.”

How LGBT Pride Month Became a Religious Holiday. How did we get to the point where celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism became a month-long event that rivals Christmas?

Church and Christian Living

Should We Use Bethel Songs in Worship? 4 Diagnostic Questions. “We’ve often chosen not to sing certain songs because we didn’t believe the content to be theologically accurate or glorifying to God. At the same time, we sometimes sing lyrics and music written or produced by churches we wouldn’t want to disciple the saints.”

The Secret to Breaking Free from Habitual Sin. The more convinced you become that God is the source of all superior joys for you, the more resolved you will become to fight for those joys, and the easier the fight will become over time. But unless you become convinced, in some measure, that this is true, the power of your habitual sins will keep their hold on you.

This Is Not Your Grandparents’ Church. Too many churches today continue to implicitly or explicitly reject older believers—widows and others who can bring their unique strengths to bear in the quiet, unglamorous, unseen, but crucial work of prayer. 

David Powlison (1949–2019). “You know a man by what he loves. This is true in any role that man takes. I think it’s fair to say that David Powlison filled the role of primary leader in the biblical counseling movement, and as influencer over those in evangelicalism most concerned with pastoral care.” 

3 Basic Tools Your Teenage Church Kid Needs. As the parents of a teenage church kid who follows Christ, we must take up the task of watering, tending, and pruning their discipleship—while recognizing their growth is in the Lord’s hands. Helping our teen grow in godliness means giving her the tools to water and till the soil and then watching the Spirit produce fruit in all circumstances.

My Quiet Times Are Anything but Quiet. Simply put, we see the Christian practice of reading the Bible as dependent on a really specialized kind of moment — a moment that seldom (to never) graces our own life.

Treasure in the Field: Enjoying God Through the Game of Baseball. I’m not necessarily aiming to win you to my joy in baseball. What I do hope to do in focusing on my particular joy in baseball is illustrate how to enjoy God himself through his created world.


In order to understand what it means to be truly human, we need to understand what it means to be made in the image of…