Monthly Resource Roundup (March 2019)

Here is the monthly roundup of articles and resources from the web for March 2019.

Bible and Theology

Acts in 2,500 Words. A helpful summary of the book of Acts. A helpful resource to consider as we spend the next year or so preaching through the same book.

Devilish DiversionsThe devil sought to divert Jesus from his mission in three different ways. Walking Christ’s cruciform way, we face the same temptations.

Did the Church Create the Bible?The perennial question in the debate over sola Scriptura is whether the church is over the Bible or the Bible is over the church. The latter position is (generally speaking) a Protestant one. The former position (generally speaking) is a Roman Catholic one.

The Harmonics of the Old Testament: The more I read Scripture, the more I recognized the writers were, in a sense, singing in harmony with one another. What I discovered is that the theology of the OT often rides on the harmonics created by the songs and poems breathed out by the Holy Spirit through the skillful pen of His prophets.

The Gospel in GenesisThis is the first in a series of articles covering every book in the Bible (links found at the bottom of this article), showing Christ in all of Scripture. Very helpful to read as you go through the Daily Bible

Credo Magazine: The Impassability of God. Does God experience emotional change? Is he subject to mood swings like his creatures? And does God suffer like we do? In the history of the church, Christians have answered with an emphatic “No!” Since God is immutable, he must also be impassible. But lately, evangelicals have changed their tune in an attempt to make God far more relational and immanent. In this issue, a case is made for divine impassibility, one that refuses to turn God into a victim, or make him vulnerable to emotional fluctuation and suffering. With contributions from top pastors and scholars, this issue goes back to the scriptures which portray God as so infinite, so maximally alive, so immutably perfect, that he must be a God of impassibility.

Do Pets Go to Heaven?John Piper provides a very biblically sound and pastorally wise answer to a question that many of us have often wondered.

Women and Motherhood

Girl, Follow JesusContrary to the message of Girl, Stop Apologizing, becoming the women we were meant to be starts with apologizing. It starts with the humble acknowledgement that we were made by a beautiful and holy God, and that we rebel against him in countless ways every day. It starts with recognizing that Jesus died and rose to rescue us. And as once-hopeless sinners who have been mercifully forgiven, it starts—and continues, and ends—with treasuring Christ above all.

The Lies of Feminism. But let’s be clear about something: what you believe about women and men is not a political issue, it’s a theological one. What you believe about people—our nature, our purpose—flows from what you believe about God

The Apologetic of Being Mom: Why Mothers Must Be TheologiansIt’s hard to think of a role in life that requires a more constant stream of explanations for why we believe what we believe about God and how he relates to everything: family, snack time, naps, friendships, sleepovers, food, medicine, chores, schooling, and whatever else is else under the sun. Because motherhood is apologetics, mothers must be good theologians. We must know God, his character, his words, and his ways.

Church and Christian Living

Simple Church: “Could you do what you do on Sunday without electricity?” If the answer is no, then you need to examine what your grasp of the church and worship on the Lord’s Day is.

If I’m Dead to Sin, Why Must I Kill It Every Day?“…whatever the reasons are that God has chosen to sanctify us in this slow, painful, embattled way, this choice of his is because he gets greater glory when we fight the battle every day with the weapons he has appointed and the way he has ordained. So let’s get on with the good fight.”

Look! Look To Your Baptism!“When we treat baptism seriously, when we do our utmost to only baptize those who have made a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ, we offer them confidence on the day and in the future

Ethics and Social Issues

3 Things to Tell Your Children About Gender Because the transgender issue is a cultural wave, we shouldn’t ignore it. This short article cannot address every transgender issue, but [it seeks] to equip parents to talk to their children about gender

Isn’t Opposing Same-Sex Marriage as Prejudiced as Opposing Interracial Marriage?white supremacists did back then what many homosexuality-affirming Christians are doing today: using a bizarre eisegetical interpretation of Scripture to force the Bible to conform to what culture says we must now believe.

Is Gay Okay for Christians? What about Transgender?Denny Burke’s lectures at Midwestern Seminary on homosexuality, transgender, and the Christian life.

Alexander Maclaren's sermon on the name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the different aspects each name proclaims of his person and work.