Monthly Resource Roundup (May 2019)

Here is the monthly roundup of articles and resources from the web for May 2019.

Bible and Theology

What the Bible Says About Itself—Book by Book. What God says about his Word is a deep, complex, and staggering thing. And each book of the written Word testifies to the wonder of his revelation. I decided to take a look, book by book, selecting a representative passage from each to highlight many of the things God’s word says about God’s words.

Christ’s Descent to the Dead and Classical Christian Doctrine. Over the last thirty years or so, some evangelicals have tried to remove Christ’s descent to the dead from Christian theology…But in the early church, it was believed ubiquitously. Not only that, but the descent was a key piece in the formation, articulation, and defense of other classical Christian doctrines.

Heresy Often Begins with Boredom. “…sometimes heresy begins not in a place of head-scratching, frustrating paradox. It simply begins with boredom. It begins when the thrill of orthodoxy is simply not very thrilling to us anymore, when our familiarity with faith breeds contempt, discontentment, and a dangerous restlessness. And so we take it upon ourselves to dress up Christianity, modernize it, reframe and repackage it for a new age.”

On Fearing Eternity and Being at Home on Earth. The more the topic has come up, the less I am convinced that many of us are getting eternity right – or particularly the Christian hope of eternal life. Person after person have confessed to me the fear that the idea of living forever brings up for them. Eternity is scary. Forever is scary. Not dying looms just as large as dying in our fearful imaginations…The Bible seems to think that our hope in the beyond ought to give us strength to really live our life now in a radical way. It should be a source of strength. What are we missing?

Ethics and Culture

Oliver Thomas @USATODAY Says the American Church Got it Wrong on Gay People—And He’s Right. Turns out the Bible is not true after all. So, argues Thomas, once we get that pesky Bible out of the picture, we are free to approve homosexuality as right and good. And once we do that, then our churches—which have been bleeding members for years—will finally grow again. See also the article by Albert Mohler: Should Christians Just Admit That The Bible ‘Got It Wrong’ And Move On?

Pete Buttigieg And The Quest For “Progressive” Christianity. The candidacy of Pete Buttigieg demands our attention. Why? Not so much because of his candidacy as an individual but the ideas he espouses. He attempts to radically shift the understanding of Christianity away from its historic and biblical position.

Is There Really an ‘Orthodox’ View on Sexuality? One of the biggest debates facing evangelicalism today is not the nature of marriage and sexuality, but whether or not different views of marriage and sexuality constitute an issue on which orthodox Christians can simply “agree to disagree.” In other words, how close is our understanding of marriage and human sexuality to the core of the Christian faith? Does orthodoxy require a certain stance?

Church and Christian Living

Want an Extraordinary Marriage? Be an Ordinary Christian. Social science makes it abundantly clear that when married people embrace basic, plain, elementary biblical practices, this behavior powerfully and positively affects their marriages. 

10 Things You Should Know about the Danger of Media. Media feed us an endless stream of spectacles that captures human attention and holds fast a collective gaze, can lead you into dangerous habits, wants to shape our identity, can blind you from the glory of the Lord, and more…

Instagram, Twitter, and the Longing for Approval. Why has social media become a search for social approval? And why does this matter so much to us that it consumes some people’s lives? 

The Pastoral Residency is an eighteen-month training program for men discerning a call to gospel ministry in the local church.