Resource Roundup (November 2019)

Here is the monthly roundup of articles and resources from the web for November 2019.

Bible and Theology

What is the Apocrypha? The Apocrypha is a collection of books written in the four centuries between the Old and New Testaments. Though the Apocrypha is not Scripture, many Protestants (including Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers) have found the collection useful historically, theologically, and spiritually. Discerning readers of the Apocrypha gain a fuller understanding of first-century Judaism, including the messianic fervor that led, in part, to Jesus’s passion.

How God’s Wrath Equals and Reveals God’s Worth. Wrath and worth are perfectly matched together. The former takes the measure of the latter and expresses itself accordingly. One is as precious as the other.

How to Read the Bible Better. Do you want to read the Bible better? Christians will only experience so much of God and his grace without making a regular practice of reading and rehearsing what he has said to us in the Bible.

Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Replacement Theology. The point is we must strive to understand the obvious progress in redemptive history. And when I look at the relationship between Israel and the church, I see something similar to the relationship between the caterpillar and the butterfly.

4 Truths about Pentecost. Robert Letham gives us four important truths about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

Is It OK to Confess That Jesus Descended into Hell? the doctrine of Christ’s descent, besides being the ancient faith of the church, rests on a firm biblical foundation and has great practical significance. As such it ought to be retrieved by those who don’t currently confess it, and better understood by some who do.

3 Ways to Teach Scripture to Children.  I learned early on not to underestimate what children can learn about Scripture. They can learn more than we realize, and they can have fun doing it.

Theological Primer: Impeccability. The doctrine of impeccability states that Christ was not only sinless, he was unable to sin. As the incarnate Son of God, Christ faced real temptations, but these temptations did not arise in Christ due to sinful desires. Christ was not only able to overcome temptation, he was unable to be overcome by it.

Church and Christian Living

Lies That Keep Women from the Word: Busyness Is Not the Problem, Why does the very fundamental practice of reading the word of God fall so badly by the wayside for many Christians? Because when it comes down to it, we don’t think it actually matters.

Advice for Christians Who Work Sundays. Pastor John Piper gives helpful advice for Christians who work on the Lord’s Day

The Great Commission Is Guaranteed, So Let’s Get to Work. If we reclaimed some of the early church’s confidence in Christ’s plan for his church, perhaps we would have a renewed vigor for pursuing a mission that cannot fail: fulfilling the Great Commission by planting churches.

Infographic: How Is Your Prayer Life? Over 14,000 people recently shared about various aspects of their prayer lives with Crossway.

10 Things You Should Know about Church Membership.

Why I’m a Better Pastor for You Than Keller or Piper. Why should you even bother attending your local church? Why settle for the best your no-name pastor can offer when you can watch the best that Tim Keller and John Piper and (fill in your favorite preacher) can offer? I can’t compete. I’ll never be on an “America’s Best Preachers” list. And frankly, I have no aspirations for that.

We Need You: Why Mentorship is Need in the Church. Mentorship is a Biblical and necessary part of the local church. For the church to see spiritual and foundational growth in the hearts of their young men and women, mentorship is needed.

Lordship is Not Legalism. Denying yourself and submitting to King Jesus, then, is true countercultural living. And though it may look like legalism to the world, submitting to his authority is in fact liberty—shocking, unexpected, subversive liberty.

Here are a few albums that my wife and I recommend for both personal edification and family worship.